WineBottler Apps

WineBottler apps are OS X app bundles that contain the complete environment, that a Windows-based program needs (wineprefix).
Further it comes with a starter app, to initially run the program, that lives in the bottled app.
As an app usually lives in the folder /Applications, it is immutable. This way it is guaranteed, that it can be copied, moved and run by everybody even without elevated privileges. But as files in a winprefix are changed sooner than later, the bottled app keeps a mutable copy in ~/Application\ Support. You can see, reset and remove it directly in WineBottler's tab "On My Mac".

Anatomy of is compiled from the sources of But instead of installing it to the OS X systems root or /opt directories, it is compiled with a prefix that is located inside an app-bundle – hence the name This makes it very easy to move and remove old copies of Wine, without hampering with the system: by drag and drop.

Wine dependencies

We try to link all libraries possible and ship all the dependencies when building our - as we aim to bring you the most features wine has to offer. This is why comes with the latest Gecko and mono included, which are used to display web-content and to run .net programs.

Here comes the complete list:

gsm1.0.13Audio codecLicense
samba3.6.14for client mode ntlm_authGPL 3
mpg1231.15.3LGPL 2.1
pkg-config0.23GPL 2
libusb1.0.9LGPL 2.1
libusb-compat0.1.4LGPL 2.1
libgphoto22.4.14Camera supportLGPL 2.1
sane-backends1.0.23Scanner supportLicense
freetype2.4.11FTL or GPL 2
wine_gecko1.9-x86Web-content supportLGPL 2.1 supportLGPL 2.1